Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love that Chrome!

I often wondered what those hod rod building crazies were on about... but then I visited Pro Plating in Prahran. Located on Malvern Rd, where a small block of land would set you back a cool million, is a factory that from the outside looks like it was built in the early nineteen hundreds and on the inside looks like it was built in the early eighteen hundreds. With guys polishing bumpers on super-sized buffer machines and dipping parts into vats of who knows what with very serious looking gloves who wouldn't be excited! Entering the drying room I realised why everybody loves chrome. They had one of every car or bike part you could think of from bumpers and grilles, rims and frames down to tiny screws and bolts glistening and gleaming like they never had before.

Check out the pics of the Sheriff MkII after a dip and a polish.

1 comment:

  1. Now that is awe inspiring. Good stuff Marcus! Patience too, I am impressed.