Thursday, September 30, 2010


Another Merckx (Team Telekom colours) from the Rewind Cycle stable. It's sat as a frame for some months now, as we're trying to figure what to do with it. Another road bike was mooted, but it's younger brother (a post to come) will be taking on that role.

It has been mooted that it Team Telekom be built as a commuter, as the paint is not in the best shape, but the fear of it being a thief magnet is giving us second thoughts.

A bit of history - Team HTC-Columbia started out life some years ago as the Stuttgart Team (still on Merckxs), quickly changing names to Team Telekom.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

El Cheapo Foot Retention System

The clips just didn't feel right on Saturday so after a little web research and a trip to Bunnings I have now equipped the Hillman with some super sweet, super tough toe straps. Cost of the 50mm webbing (rated to 400kg) and high adhesive hook and loop was $47 which can make about three pairs of these little suckers. Easily adjustable and very snug!

...and don't forget....


First ride out for the Merckx and Hillman running fixed on Saturday. Wasn't fantastic weather, but wet roads + new fixed riders = easy street skids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hillman rides again!

After months hidden away in the shed building up a thick layer of dust the Hillman has been given a new lease on life. Thanks to some sweet-as Felt/Alex R390 Track wheels from Eddie the track master and some bits and pieces from the House Of Rewind. A late night session saw all the bits come together to make an extremely light bike and very exciting ride. Now it's time to get it out on the road and lose some skin!