Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spring! - Re(wind)Cycle Racing Carnival

Spring is here! To paraphrase Alexandra, Spring is largely about the fashion. She is absolutely right, and what better time than to complete (ahem) our cycle projects with fashionable new clothes and accessories - the Concorde, Peugeot, Moser and Colnago! Re(wind)Cycle Racing Carnival indeed.

It's been a long time (for a change) between posts, but a bit has happened in the month now gone.

Firstly, I finally sanded both the Concorde and Peugeot, in preparation for primer/filler. This primer layer ensures 1. that the final paint adheres to the steel well; 2. once sanded back, ensures that the final paint will be as smooth and flat (no orange peel effect) as possible. This gives the best shine, lustre and depth to metallic colours.

Below you can see the Concorde with it's new wheels and fork; it's a Moser branded bladed steel fork, but I'm sure it was sold under a few italian brands as I've seen the exact fork on other bikes (not Mosers). Note the tight clearance with the fork to tyre, and front tyre to downtube.

The wheels are Phil Wood 32 hole hubs (fixed/free rear), laced with DT Swiss Competition butted spokes to NOS Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 rims. Laced by Shifterbikes, and very, very tasty. I'll be running the same rim on another bike; refer future post for more info. Tyres are white vittoria rubino pros.

Some other pictures of the frame detail - Campy dropouts, lovely heart cutouts in the lugs (which will be in-filled with a contrasting colour).

Finally took the frame down to Troy at Motorcycle Crash Repairs (MCR), who put down the primer in white. I know the frame isn't white in the picture. It's had a light black dust coat sprayed over the white, so that when the frame is sanded back again, it is evident where you've sanded, and where you haven't. Clever, no? I wouldn't have though of it if Troy hadn't explained this.

I haven't 'upgraded' yet to 'Snow Leopard'; but is this a 'Snow Concorde'?

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