Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old dog, new clothes

You may remember this from last year - a '92 Fat City Cycles, Yo Eddy!, Team Fat Chance.

A lovely colour, but a bit battered from good use over the years. It also had a stuck seatpost, with a little surface rust down the seat tube.

In order to ensure the rust-cancer wasn't eating the frame from the inside out, we decided that a full bare metal respray would be the go.

The interesting thing about Fat City Cycles is that, once all the tubes were assembled, all welding breather holes in tubes were sealed up; the theory being that no moisture could enter the tubes and rust the bike from the inside out. Unfortunately, moisture does what it does, and finds it way into the tubes. It then doesn't have a way out, and, wouldn't you know it, the bike rusts from the inside out.

Thankfully, the frame was structurally good. We didn't get any bare metal pics, but the process is roughly:

1. strip to bare metal (chemical bath)
2. hit any surface rust with 'kill rust'
3. sand with 320 grit paper, to give the primer something to 'key' to
4. high fill / primer
5. wet sand with 1200 grit paper
6. reprime, resand with 1200
7. apply blue / green base coats
8. clear over base coat, allow to dry
9. apply decals, lightly sand with 500 grit
10. re-clear

If you were being ultra-fastidious, you could then rub back the clear around the decals, to remove the 'edge' on the stickers. We did this for the Concorde, but we (read 'I') were too lazy to do it this time around.

With thanks to Rody at Groovy Cycle Works for the decals, and as usual Troy at MCR for the paint.

Still trying to find brake bosses so that I can assemble this old girl and hit the trails!!

New clothes!

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