Sunday, September 19, 2010

El Cheapo Foot Retention System

The clips just didn't feel right on Saturday so after a little web research and a trip to Bunnings I have now equipped the Hillman with some super sweet, super tough toe straps. Cost of the 50mm webbing (rated to 400kg) and high adhesive hook and loop was $47 which can make about three pairs of these little suckers. Easily adjustable and very snug!

...and don't forget....


  1. Good work from The Sheriff.
    Also good pic from the early day archives.

  2. Did you make these with the same method shown on the Wired Gadget Lab how-to? Did you add extra stitching or do it by machine?

    I need some sort of retention for my new fixed gear bike and I am tossing up whether to get the BOGear straps or to make some FRS myself.

  3. Hey Karl, These were hand stitched (due to not having a machine) using nylon thread. The only problem with them is that they are a little flexible and could do with some reinforcement to stiffen them up in a couple of places. You do tend to have to wiggle your feet in a little. Once you are in however that are awesome and I find them a lot more comfortable than the toes straps and cages that I had previously.