Monday, October 18, 2010

The journey ride

216km of road, a handful of snakes, four bidons of water (not enough), one pie roll and a third of a Vegemite sandwich made for a super enjoyable day in the saddle. Boudwah, Ace and The Sheriff pulled out all stops for a fun filled ride. There were rolling turns, hill climbs and some successful breaking up of packs (usually coordinated by Ace) along the way and just about every weather combination Melbourne could dig up.

The route was from Melbourne to Sorrento and back with a little extra for a couple of us. The hills were short and sharp and we ripped them apart while making loud comments about the possibility of 'repeats' to annoy the riders we were overtaking. The remainder of the route was pretty flat giving the big ring a serious work out.

It was awesome to see so many Melbournians out and about and living it up. Never fails to amaze me how many people love to give it a go!

Thanks to the boys for the company and the trash talking. Looking forward to some serious Alpine training over summer.

- The Sheriff

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