Sunday, November 29, 2009

Concorde - better photos, however...

Took some better pictures of the completed Concorde today, which look great, but a little heart breaking.

As I had it balanced on a pedal against the curb, the wind took it and pushed it over. As a result the RHS pedal, grip and side of the saddle came to grief. The pedal and grip I'm not as concerned about, but the saddle has now a small battle scar where the smooth leather top has grazed and the suede like base has become exposed... not sure what to do with it - Mick I'll have to come see you!!

It is very nice to ride though, even with the toe overlap on the front wheel!


  1. This lovely bike seems destined to have a few scars. It adds to the character, both the bike's and your own.

  2. sweet az bro.

    that baseball stitching on the seat is cool, but you dont need me to tell you what you already know.

  3. How did you repaint is so nice without losing the stickers?

  4. Tim, we made new decals for the frame