Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Brunswick and in Footsc... sorry, Fitzroy.

I had some free time this morning to get out on the bike and do some thinking. The quiet, solitude and the rhythmic repetativeness of one fixed gear allows you to focus almost entirely on your thoughts (except those dastardly hills!).

Behind the lens

Cycling and Photography are two endeavours which are similar in nature - both of which I would dearly love to improve my proficiency. Both cycling and photography, realistically, are about learning, training, and improving for yourself. For the amateur (participant!), it is a competition against yourself - no amount of pro gear and team kit will improve that.

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to participate in more cycling events, and spend more time behind the lens. This morning I managed to do both - and had one of the most rewarding rides for a long time. Below are a few highlights of what I call the RewindFixedCityLoop.

Fitzroy (Johnston St) - Kew (Yarra boulevard) - over the Chandler hwy bridge - Alphington (Heidelberg Rd) - Ivanhoe/East Ivanhoe (The Boulevard, Bourke Rd, Lower Heidelberg Rd) - Alphington (Heidelberg Rd) - Clifton Hill/Fitzroy Nth (Michael St) - Brunswick (Nicholson St) - Laps of Brunswick Velo - Fitzroy (Nicholson St).

A sweet rolling loop of ~35kms (plus as may laps as you care to cut at Brunswick Velo!), according to Bikely.

You're welcome to join me for a lap anytime.

It certainly was sunny in Fitzroy, today

Kew - blue skies 22 degrees. Perfect.

Like the dentist, I can't show my face on television. Pardon the jersey (anyone want to buy it?).

Chandler hwy bridge. It shakes rather disconcertingly when anything drives over it...

A break on the loop back from Ivanhoe at Apte cafe. Delicious.

Brunswick Velodrome. Hot, concrete, and rudimentary, yet something about the atmosphere. You can sense the history here - the kids come, of which some will one day become champions.

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