Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage steel / Walking Away.

Some of the bikes that recently completed the Alpine Classic - on Classic Steel no less.

Colnago Master Olympic
Highlights include: Campagnolo Chorus 11s, Record hubs / Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 wheels.

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra
Highlights include: Campagnolo Athena 11s, Campagnolo Record / Mavic Open Pros, Campagnolo pantograph seatpost.

Walking Away.

The Specialized Tarmac has been a trusty steed for some years, but the time has come to move on from Plastic Generic and onto the next project - Merckx AX Titanium (by Litespeed). There is just something about a Ti or Steel frame - a frame for life, not disposable like Plastic Generic.

While it's sad to see the Tarmac go, in truth it's time had come. Ciao!


  1. It's a sad day for Ace and the Tarmac, it has propelled him up the hills around Bright for the last three years! Off to eBay now to find a 58cm titanium...

  2. Nice rides! Is that your Colnago? Just wondering how well the Atlanda 96 rims are holding up with the 11 speed hub/cassette? Any tension, strength issues? Looking to build up something simliar for 11 speed campy. Thanks

  3. J, yep, that's one of our Colnagos.
    The Atlantas are holding up just fine on the 11sp hub. They're hand built and have so far in ~3000km never need a re-tension/true. The Atlanta is a pretty heavy rim, I think it's close to or even heavier than a Velocity Deep V, so has plenty of strength. It's not like a 12 spoke Campy Shamal!
    Good luck with your build - what are the wheels going on?
    We've got a Merckx Corsa 01 coming with Campy 11 Athena and Open Pro wheels, so keep watching.
    Keep us updated on your build.

  4. They're going on a 88'/89' Rossin, simliar vibe to yours with Athena 11 speed. Actually picked up some polished Ventos for the time being that have the right 9speed hub that will fit an 11speed cassette. I'll get something a little lighter built up later. Get you some picks as it comes together. Cheers J