Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A long time, another new project!

Again, it's been a while between posts.

Over the last few months we've been collecting more parts, more parts and some more parts.

Amongst the boxes of parts in the house (of which, as the number increases, the boss' tollerance decreases), is this Concorde frame. It is a 57ct 56tt frame with track (Campagnolo) dropouts, made from Columbus Aelle, of Italian origin.

It will be built up using a mix of parts from the Colnago single speed (which is currently under deconstruction, to be rebirhted as a geared road bike) and some new parts such as Phil Wood hubs.

There is still no real update on the Mixte, nor the Sheriff Mk II. We've got to get these painted.

Later in the week when we have more time, the blog will be updated with more pictures and notes around the various builds.

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