Sunday, April 26, 2009

collecting parts...

While the frame is being blasted (should be ready tomorrow), I've been trolling eBay (addicted?!) collecting bits and pieces.

Amongst them, some long reach tektro 556s - long reach calipers, a pretty Campagnolo Chorus crankset from the '80s, a 110mm Campy track bottom bracket spindle, and a 22.2mm bmx seatpost.

The tektros are needed to allow enough drop to meet the 700c wheels.

As suggested by Mick at busyman bicycles (thanks Mick!), I'm going to see if I can reuse the cups from the French bottom bracket, and install an appropriate length spindle. The Sheriff has donated it's bearings from bottom bracket that came with the frame, so it may be possible to avoid the expense of a Phil bottom bracket. I also have a 115mm spindle lying around somewhere, and also the spindle out of the sheriff is about 115.

All this hard work needs refreshment - thanks for the coffee from John at Fiorelli!