Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some new pictures of the Peugeot. This is one heavy bike!!

At first glance these seem to be 700c wheels, but may really need a rebuild in order to run well. May be able to get away with a rebuild, but in that case it is probably easier to go for a new pair - in any case we will need a flip/flop rear hub to be laced.

The fenders are a little rough, so once disassembled we'll need to make a decision whether to keep them, find another pair, or run without fenders at all.

Note the head tube lug work and pin stripe detail - perhaps when we paint this we can mask the lugs and paint in a separate colour. It would be nice to get some period Peugeot decals also - Cyclomondo has some, not sure if they're the exact kit though.

The fork will need to be chrome plated, and then a decision made as to whether the fork legs will have the matching frame highlight colour.

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