Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mixte gets a front end!

Went down to the Abbotsford Cycles swapmeet this morning.

Because of the French fork and headset issue, the Mixte will get a new 700c English thread chrome fork, which needs a set of bars, stem and headset. The Kalloy 100mm stem was a bargain from the swapmeet - three bucks. While the bars are new, they're alloy and at $25 they're not too expensive for a lighter front end. I'll drop these to Dan at shifter to get powdercoated white, and depending on what crank we end up with, maybe the crank will be powdercoated white also.

The vintage lamp (which is incomplete) also caught my eye, and at five bucks it was hard to pass up. The idea is that it would be mounted on one of the lower rear stays, with a conversion to a modern LED set up. While it would be nicer to get a bullet shaped rear end for it, and stick a LED lamp into it, I have dummied up a Cateye Opticube 3-led front light in the back of it, and it looks ok. Might be able to get away with a chrome paint on the body of the opticube.

As below, Sheriff II is now stripped ready for paint. Peugeot is a little behind, as it'll need to go to the bead blasters before getting primer. I've read that Blastoff in West Heidelberg will do frames, at around thirty bucks. I'll speak to them this week, and hopefully they'll be able to fit it in relatively quickly.

Troy at Motorcycle Crash Repairs (MCR) is a champion and has agreed to help get the paint down on the Moser and the Peugeot. He's suggested not to use the acrylic primer-in-a-can and get the good stuff high-fill primer down at the shop... then elbow grease to sand it down.

Not sure what colour Sheriff II will be, but Peugeot will probably a powder pink. Trying to convince the boss that it should get some pearl in it, but she's not sold.

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